Soft Launching of Sentral Grain Terminal 2

Jun 24 2020

PT Sentral Grain Terminal (SGT), a subsidiary of FKS Logistics, together with PT Krakatau Bandar Samudera (KBS), a subsidiary of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk, has held a soft launching of Sentral Grain Terminal 2 with its Integrated Warehouse (IWH) facilities on 23 June 2020 located at Cigading Port, Cilegon. The first phase has completed the construction of a storage facility (Flat Storage) with a capacity of 200,000 MT and the next phase will include of the construction of a vertical warehouse facility (Silo) with a minimum capacity of 70,000 MT, which will make the total capacity of 270,000 MT, making Sentral Grain Terminal 2 as one of the largest in ASEAN

IWH has the latest updated technology facilities in Indonesia, where the 11,6 HA transit warehouse will be connected directly to the Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU), operated by KBS, located at Pier 1 through a food grade conveyor belt. CSU is designed and programmed to serve cargo discharging such as soybean, corn, wheat & soybean meal. Using a technology in the form of chains, CSU´s discharge rate can reach 1,300 tons / hour or equal to 20,000 tons / day. The collaboration between two facilities is expected to increase not only the Company´s productivity but also its customers.